YouTube is often referred to as the second most popular search engine on the Internet, and I believe it. Millions of people use YouTube daily. Video marketing works!

By creating and posting videos, or informational slideshows at YouTube, you will create more online visibility for your company, brand, website. You will also create a long-term traffic-generating machine that is pretty much on autopilot.

Clearly, this will take considerable effort and will require some basic tools (like a video camera and video production software) as well as the resources to put it all together.

The good news is that video works very well, will give you a significant competitive advantage, and will help you get more inquiries from your website and book more weddings.

Action Items and Recommended Resources:

  • Create a YouTube channel for your business. Tweak it out with a well-written company description and targeted keywords.
  • Keep your videos short – under 3 minutes. I have seen great videos that are less than one minute in length. Videos that are 60 seconds or less can be used at Instagram.
  • If you are short on in-house resources, look for support at a website like UpWork which is a great place to find talented professionals who can do the heavy lifting for you (
  • Embed your videos into blog posts.
  • Post your videos to your social media channels.
  • Here is a great example of the use of video: 
  • Be careful using background music since it could create a copyright issue at YouTube.

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