Social Proof is one of the things engaged couples are looking for at your website in addition to your social media touch-points. They want to see reviews, testimonials, awards, and membership in professional associations. All of these things lead to TRUST and AUTHORITY.

I believe social proof is the number one reason couples ultimately choose a wedding vendor, service, or product.

How can you get even more value from your reviews at WeddingWire or The Knot?

Copy them to your website as blog posts or add them to a website page with all of your reviews. Each review can be a separate blog post (if they are long) or group three of four together (if they are short).

Next, create social media posts using the same reviews across your social media channels – be sure to include link(s) back to your blog posts, reviews page, pricing page, contact page, or home page. Reuse these posts over time by rescheduling them with Hootsuite or SmarterQueue.

Properly optimized, these blog posts or pages will make great search engine friendly “evergreen” content that is easy to create. Win-Win!

Action Items

Take 4 of your best reviews from The Knot and create a new single blog post at your website. Be sure there is a call-to-action at the end of the blog post.

Next, do the same with 4 reviews from WeddingWire.

Every time that you get a new review from WeddingWire or The Knot, copy it and post it to Facebook. Try to post it with a picture of the couple who gave you the review, if at all possible.

Now, copy/paste your blog post content as a post to Facebook. Schedule these individual posts using Facebook’s post scheduling option to be automatically published over the next week. Rinse, repeat.

Social Media Management Resources

Hootsuite offers a free option ( while Smarter Queue offers a trial and automatic post republishing (

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