A post-inquiry-landing-page (PILP) is a page that shows up after someone fills in and submits a form at your website. In other words, it is a page redirect after the inquiry form is filled in and submitted. Properly used, a post-inquiry-landing-page is a great opportunity to initially interact with an engaged couple, increase the likelihood of actually speaking with them quickly, and move one step closer to making a sale.

Too many websites just toss up a simple “Thank You for your inquiry” message after their inquiry form and that is a mistake.

Take the opportunity to continue the conversation and engagement with your potential new customer! Your post-inquiry-landing-page might include:

  • A Thank You message and/or graphic
  • Details as to what the couple should expect next
  • Social Proof in the form of testimonials, accolades, or awards (WeddingWire/TheKnot badges work great on a post-inquiry-landing-page (PILP)
  • A downloadable “take-away” with informative information that will help a couple choose your wedding services
  • Price sheet (pdf)
  • Special limited time offers

Action Items

  • Create a post-inquiry-landing-page for your website
  • Add a downloadable take-away on your PILP, something a couple can download and print

Questions? Email me at chris@bookmoreweddings.com