A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is one of the most powerful pages you can add to any website. After a Pricing page, it is almost always one of the most visited pages at any website. And for good reason – engaged couples have A LOT of questions! Answering questions gives couples better insight into and confidence in your business.

Properly written, I believe an FAQ page is also a very powerful SALES page.

FAQ pages also help to pre-qualify prospects and, as a result, will support better quality inquiries. Be sure to add a big call-to-action at the bottom of your FAQ page. This is where couples will be ready to take the “next step” and make an inquiry!

Action Items:

  • Create or update your current FAQ page. At the end of every few FAQs, add a call-to-action and link to your contact option. Weave testimonials into your FAQ page as “social proof.”
  • Take individual FAQs and publish them individually as social media posts with a link back to your full FAQ page or contact page.
  • Create a downloadable PDF “take-away” with all of your FAQs. Offer it at your website and/or send it to couples who make an inquiry.


If you use WordPress, consider the Acronix FAQ plugin. It’s easy to use and SEO friendly. https://wordpress.org/plugins/arconix-faq/

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