You might call the page “Recommended Resources” or “Our Partners”, but I personally like to call it a “Friends of” page. Whatever your label, create a page on your website with a list of wedding vendors you work with regularly that you would recommend.

A “Friends of” page will show you as active in the marketplace and those you link to are more likely to do the same for you, thereby creating a SEO-friendly inbound link to your website. Even if they do not link to your website, it creates a lot of positive goodwill. Trust me when I say that someone you link to is going to remember you and be more likely to recommend you to the couples they meet.

Leverage this content further and individually post your “friends” to your social media feeds.

Take this to the next level and generate super SEO-friendly content on your website by creating individual blog posts for each of your Friends.

Think of it as virtual networking. It takes some effort, but this will to create goodwill with other vendors and get SEO-friendly inbound links to your website.  The long-term benefit will prove invaluable to you.

Action Items

Pick 8 to 10 wedding vendors that you work with and add them to a “Friends of” page on your website. This should NOT be a prominent page, but still be easily found by new visitors.

Pick 2 of these “friends” and create blog posts about your experience working with them, including event/venue information. Dropping a venue name is great SEO content. If you need quick information about a Friend, content that you can mostly cut-and-paste, look for an “About” page on their website.

Create social media posts using your Friends and create individual posts with graphics that will keep your feeds looking fresh, active, and interesting.

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