A frequently asked questions (FAQ) page at a website is a double win. First, it answers commonly asked questions that couples have when thinking about hiring your company. Second, in my opinion, it acts as a powerful sales page to qualify engaged couples.

A good FAQ page has 10 to 20 questions and answers. They should not be long, drawn out answers, rather more quick and to the point. You should insert a call-to-action after every fourth question and do not forget to weave in a few of your best testimonials throughout this page.

This is also a good place to highlight your awards and badges from The Knot or WeddingWire to build your social credibility.

At the bottom of your FAQ page, make sure that there is a highly visible call-to-action link to your contact form. I have seen websites where they put their contact form directly at the bottom of a FAQ page, which works just as well.

Now, leverage the content you created. Frequently asked questions make great social media posts. Take them individually or a few at a time and post them at your social feeds. Be sure to link back to the full FAQ page at your website.

Action Items & Resources:

  • If you do not have an FAQ page, create one for your website.
  • Weave testimonials and social proof into your FAQ page.
  • Use your FAQs to create social media posts.
  • You may even decide take your FAQ content and create a downloadable “takeaway” as a PDF. Read more about takeaways at this link.
  • Remember to add a link to your contact form at the bottom of your FAQ page. After reading your FAQ page, the next thing a couple is likely to do is make an inquiry!
  • If you use WordPress, take a look at the Acronix FAQ plugin.

Questions? Email me at chris@bookmoreweddings.com