Online chat tools that give your website visitors the option of “chatting” with you online in real time are becoming more and more popular. You have probably used them yourself for online banking or to get online support from your website hosting company.

Here are three of my favorite Chat Tools. I have used them all and currently use LiveChat:

Action Items:

  • Live chat tools are gaining more and more popularity but may not work for some businesses. Do not sign-up for any long term options. If you decide to use a live chat at your website, try it for 90 days first. Most chat tools have a mobile app so that you do not have to be in front of your office computer all the time.
  • When you are not online and available, I suggest you turn live chat tools completely off, forcing people to use your main contact form.
  • Configure your chat so that it requires a pre-chat registration. This allows you to get a name and phone number.
  • Try to avoid long back-and-forth messages. Get someone on the phone ASAP.
  • Check out what Neil Patel has to say about using live chat tools:

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