If you do this regularly you’ll probably pick up 4 to 6 weddings a year. Maybe more!

Go through your old leads and send an email to people who made inquiries at your website but you didn’t book the wedding.

I call this the “Checking Back” email.

It’s not a big email.

It’s short.

I usually send them 30 days after the last contact with a prospect where I initially thought I lost the business.

You might send an email and call them on the phone.

You might also ask for a referral. “If you know anyone getting married, we greatly appreciate referrals!”

Subject Line: <Your Name Here> Checking Back


“Hi #####,


You had reached out to us last <date of initial inquiry> and I’m just checking in to see if you found the <your services here> you wanted for your wedding.


I hope all is well with you!


Best wishes,


Your Name
Your Phone / Text Number
Your Website Link
Your Facebook Page Link


p.s. If you know anyone getting married, we greatly appreciate referrals!

POWER TIP: Use a tool like Boomerang to see if and when someone opened your email message.