8 Important Data Points in Google Analytics

There are hundreds of data points in Google Analytics, here are 8 you want to look at regularly, at least once a month. Also, how to configure the Audience Overview report to be sent to you via email automatically at any interval you choose.

Improve Conversion Using an Announcement Bar

Conversion is really what Internet marketing is all about. Your website is ultimately responsible for turning visitors into some type or form of action. In most cases, the action you want an engaged couple to take after visiting your website is filling in your inquiry form.

Book More Weddings Using a Takeaway

A “take away” is something of value that a bride or groom can download from your website. The more valuable it is to the bride and groom visiting your website the better it will work. Poorly created take aways, with little value to the recipient, are never...

It’s All About One Thing – Conversion

Conversion is getting someone to do what you want them to do, typically when they visit your website, view your social media stream, or read one of your blog posts. Offline it might be responding to a post card or other type of mailing or advertisement.