Creating Your Social Media Calendar

Your Business Plan should include your Social Media Calendar. Social Media is most likely your main marketing tool. Random postings without a set plan may hinder more than help. Creating a calendar for the year doesn’t mean you have to write all the posts at once. But...

Your To-Do List is Not Your To-Day List

Like many of you, I had a To-Do list that seemed longer than a roll of toilet paper. It was so overwhelming that it got me stuck in the loop of getting nothing accomplished on time. It was on one of those giant post it’s, on the inside of my office door. I saw it all day long, and it was depressing because nothing seemed to get crossed off!

Erik Kent Producer / Publisher of NJWEDDING.COM

I first met Erik Kent and his wife Beth back in 1996, in New York City, at the WEDCON conference produced by Alan Dessy. I had just launched one of the first online wedding magazines called USABride. If I remember correctly, it beat Modern Bride and Bride’s Magazine...

Ask an Expert: Google Will Not Robocall You

Q: Chris, we got a robocall from Google that said our website wasn’t showing up at Google and that we needed to take action immediately by calling back a phone number that was left in the message. Is this a scam?

Improve Your Writing

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8 Important Data Points in Google Analytics

There are hundreds of data points in Google Analytics, here are 8 you want to look at regularly, at least once a month. Also, how to configure the Audience Overview report to be sent to you via email automatically at any interval you choose.


Here are the websites I mentioned in my recent online workshop “Getting Your Website & Internet Marketing Ready for 2019.”