Why Websites Don’t Get Inquiries

There are many reasons wedding businesses don’t get more inquiries from their websites. Based on my experience, here are the 6 biggest reasons websites in the wedding industry don’t get more inquiries.

Run Special Offers at Facebook & Instagram

Social media “exclusive” promotions, particularly boosted posts at Facebook and Instagram, are an inexpensive way to advertise special offers. For as little as $10.00, you can run a boosted post for a day or two.

Claim Your Yelp! Business Listing

Yelp! has a reputation for bogus reviews and hyper-aggressive sales people. That said, I have consistently seen Yelp! as a good source of website traffic and increased online visibility for wedding businesses.

Consider Adding Online Chat to Your Website

Online chat tools, that give your website visitors the option of “chatting” with you online real-time, are becoming more and more popular. You’ve probably used them yourself for online banking or to get online support from your website hosting company.

Create an Infographic

You have probably seen infographics on the Internet, they are eye-catching, usually fun and informative. Not many people use them in the wedding industry so if you create one it will make your business stand out.