Ask an Expert: Google Will Not Robocall You

Q: Chris, we got a robocall from Google that said our website wasn’t showing up at Google and that we needed to take action immediately by calling back a phone number that was left in the message. Is this a scam?

8 Important Data Points in Google Analytics

There are hundreds of data points in Google Analytics, here are 8 you want to look at regularly, at least once a month. Also, how to configure the Audience Overview report to be sent to you via email automatically at any interval you choose.

Get More Testimonials & Reviews

After word-of-mouth testimonials and reviews are probably the most powerful tool in your Internet marketing toolbox. Websites like Yelp! and Amazon (reviews) have trained everyone to look for and read what others have experienced before making a buying decision.

Ten Popular Wedding Related #hashtags

A hashtag is a keyword or phrase (with no spaces), preceded by the hash symbol #, that people include in their social media posts at Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It makes the content of your post “findable” to all people with similar interests who “search” for that hashtag.