If you want better results from your Internet marketing, and more inquiries from your website in 2019, then consider using these Internet Marketing Best Practices.

10.  Conversion

Conversion occurs any time someone who visits your website, blog, or social media channel does something you want them to. In many cases, you want conversion to be a new, high-quality inquiry. Many things impact conversion, including the following:

the look and feel of your website,
the marketing message couples read,
your use of social proof, and
easily identified “next steps” when they are ready to move forward.
Turn inquiries into sales with prompt follow-ups (response time of less than an hour).

11.  Takeaways

Take-aways are something someone who visits your website can download or “take-away” after visiting your website. In most cases, your take-away is helpful wedding planning advice combined with more information about doing business with you. It should also include testimonials, reviews, professional credentials, and awards. Many wedding businesses do not use take-aways, which gives your company an immediate competitive advantage if you choose to use them.

12.  Consider Using Auto-responders

Auto-responders can be used to create an initial and prompt follow-up to the inquiries you get from your website, but only if they are used very carefully and do not come across as an impersonal “canned” message. I use auto-responders in addition to quick follow-up phone calls. I use and recommend the auto-responder tools from AWeber. https://aweber.com

13.  Create a Post-inquiry Landing Page (PILP)

The page someone is redirected to AFTER they make an inquiry at your website is known as a post-inquiry landing page (PILP). Instead of an impersonal and short “thank you” message flashed to your visitor, a post-inquiry “landing page” is a powerful way to leave a better, more memorable first impression, start the conversation more effectively, and also tell someone what to expect next. Just be sure that you do all of those things! Here is a PILP demo that I created: http://trypilp.com

14.  Use More Social Proof

After word-of-mouth, “social proof” is the #1 reason couples make an inquiry for more information about your business. Social proof includes the use of testimonials, reviews, awards, professional credentials, and membership in industry associations. Use social proof effectively throughout your Internet marketing – in your website, blog posts, social media channels, and email signature. Remember to use it in all offline marketing avenues that you use. Social proof will ALWAYS lead to more inquiries and more sales (i.e. improved conversion).

15.  Amp Up Your Social Media

Engaged couples use social media channels and online “communities” for wedding planning more than ever before. They primarily use Facebook groups, Instagram, and Pinterest. When they come across your social channels, it is important that they see your business is active; offers fresh content, advice, and social proof; and, of course, links back to your website. I recommend you post daily to both Facebook and Instagram. Tools like Hootsuite (https://hootsuite.com) and SmarterQueue (https://smarterqueue.com) make desktop social media marketing management much easier and less time consuming.