If you want better results from your Internet marketing, and more inquiries from your website in 2019, then consider using these Internet Marketing Best Practices.

1. Disaster Recovery

Don’t trust that your website hosting company can restore your website in the event of a disaster, even if they tell you they are performing backups of your website. Create your own disaster recovery program that includes backups and off-site backup storage, ready to be used to restore your complete website if the need arises.

2.  Secured Certificate Hosting

Websites today must have a secured certificate also known as encrypted https:// hosting. All the major Internet browsers now label websites without secured certificates as “unsecure” and that will scare your website visitors away! A non-secure website may also adversely impact your search engine visibility – an important part of your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Even if you buy one for your website, make sure it works properly on all of your pages. This is a common problem people run into.

3.  Mobile-friendly “Responsive” Websites

Responsive website design automatically sizes the pages at your website to show properly for whatever device your visitor is using, whether it be a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Up to 48% of people surveyed said they are more likely to leave websites that do not appear properly on their mobile devices. Since 50% to 60% of your website traffic is most likely coming from a mobile device, responsive websites are a must. Visit your website from a smartphone – Does it appear like you thought it would or should?

4.  Google Analytics

Track your website’s visitor traffic using Google Analytics. It is free from Google and will tell you a lot about your visitors:

  • What are they doing at your website?
  • What are they NOT doing that you want them to?
  • Where is your traffic coming from?

Send yourself automated weekly reports via email by selecting the small email icon at the top of any report. https://analytics.google.com

5.  Google Search Console

Another free tool from Google, the Google Search Console (GCS), formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools (GWT), is critically important to managing your online presence at Google. It will give you valuable information about how your website appears at Google, or why it may not appear how you want it to. If there is anything at your website that may adversely impact your visibility at Google, GCS will tell you. https://google.com/webmasters