I hate discounting. If you are an experienced professional and deliver outstanding products and services, as well as outstanding customer service, you should not be discounting.

“But Chris, the competition in my marketplace forces me to discount.”

Sorry, but I don’t buy it.

Discounting is often a result of weak marketing, particularly in the area of communicating value. It is also associated with weak sales skills or sales presentations.

When I drill down one more level, I often see weaknesses in how businesses use social proof (i.e. what they have done for others, testimonials, reviews, etc.).

Discounting your core products or services means LESS REVENUE, and that is never a good thing.

Action Items:

  • Avoid discounting (lowering your price). Improve your marketing message and sales presentation(s). This often starts with your website.
  • Instead of discounting your core products or services, try offering additional services at special “package” pricing. Avoid the word “discount.”

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