Frequently Asked Questions: Website & Internet Marketing Audit

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) What Do You Analyze in Your Review/Audit?

I will perform a comprehensive review and audit of your…

  • Website
  • Marketing Message
  • Social Media Channels
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Current Rankings at Google
  • Google Analytics

If you have a WordPress website and provide me with an administrative login/password I will review the WordPress backend also. Order Now (Use Checkout Code SUMMER2023 to save $300)

(2) What Does Your Final Report Include?

You will receive detailed notes that include my analysis along with my detailed recommendations. I also will send you annotated screen captures that show what I’m talking about in detail. After you have reviewed everything and made your own notes, if you’d like, we can schedule a Zoom session to review everything and answer any questions you may have. SIDENOTE: My last review, for Alan Chitlik at Puget Sound DJ (.com) included 15 pages of notes and over 40 screen shots with annotations! These are VERY comprehensive! Order Now (Use Checkout Code SUMMER2023 to save $300)

(3) Can We Review Your Report and Recommendations One-On-One With You?

Absolutely. All of my reviews/audits include a one hour Zoom call. We will schedule this after I deliver my analysis and recommendations and you’ve had time to review and make your own notes. I’ll even record it and send you a link to the recording if you would like. Order Now (Use Checkout Code SUMMER2023 to save $300)

(4) How Long Will Your Review/Audit Take to Complete?

It depends on how many reviews/audits I have in my queue. Right now turn-around is 4 to 10 BUSINESS days. Order Now (Use Checkout Code SUMMER2023 to save $300)

(5) Can You Help Me Fix My Website/Internet Marketing?

I sure can. We can talk about this after we’ve had our Zoom session and I’d be glad to give you a price quote. Order Now (Use Checkout Code SUMMER2023 to save $300)

(6) Do You Offer a Guarantee?

I sure do. If you are not 100% satisfied with my work and recommendations just tell me at the end of our Zoom call. I’ll refund your full investment. Order Now (Use Checkout Code SUMMER2023 to save $300)

What If I Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions you can reach me, Chris Jaeger, at (978) 325-2983. If I’m online you should see a chat box at the bottom right of this page – you can reach me that way also!