Conversion is really what Internet marketing is all about. Your website is ultimately responsible for turning visitors into some type or form of action. In most cases, the action you want an engaged couple to take they visit your website is to fill in your inquiry form.

One proven technique to get more inquiries is to improve the call-to-action throughout your website. Use an Announcement Bar to help you get more inquiries or any type of conversion you want.

There are a lot of options here.

One of my favorite Announcement Bars is Hello Bar ( While not free, it is inexpensive and one of the best. I particularly like that it has built-in analytics and will send you a weekly report showing you how your announcement bar is performing. It is also one of Neil Patel’s companies, so it is solid, well supported, and you can count on it to work.

If you use WordPress, there are several good announcement bar plugins. I like and use the Easy Heads Up plugin:

** HelloBar also works with WordPress!

I have not used this WordPress plugin, but it has good reviews and a solid number of installs.

Use an Announcement Bar to:

  • Easily connect people to your inquiry form
  • Link to a downloadable “take-away”
  • Promote a special limited-time offer
  • Draw attention to anything you want couples to know
  • Rotate a testimonial and call-to-action button

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