Accountability, why do you need it? Who do you answer to? If it is just yourself, there can be a problem. We can easily tell ourselves that we can get to it – LATER.

Waiting until LATER often means the task falls between the cracks. You may miss a meeting that didn’t get into your calendar, forget to send out a timeline for the event or lose a potential great client by not responding to them in a timely fashion. Simple issues can cause a slow decline in your business.

Your business needs to run efficiently, and as easy as possible. That certainly means being organized, and following through. Updates to your website, writing blogs, posting on social media and returning phone calls and messages in a timely manner are key to a successful business.

On a quiet day, sit down and honestly go through all of your sticky notes, pieces of paper, the backs of business cards and other bits that you have jotted a note on to do LATER. We all build up that pile on our desks – but it is time to take action. Create a quick list of all of them, and the time it takes to do them.

Go through your emails and website requests and again jot down the time it takes do reply. When you honestly look at what you have complied it is usually not nearly as bad as you thought and didn’t need to be pushed out to LATER.

Spend an hour each morning getting the messages answered. Schedule meetings, and get them on your calendar. Once you are caught up, the next step is to find an “accountability partner”. This can be a relative who won’t chastise you, a business connection in your same specialty as they would understand your business, or an accountability coach.

No matter who you choose, schedule meetings to share your progress and get an “atta boy/gal,” for being on top of things. Stay accountable for your own peace of mind, and to improve your business.

If you have questions on how to get started and maintaining your progress, reach out to me.

Chérie Ronning