6 Things You Can Do To Get Better Results From Your Website in 2019

from Chris Jaeger, Wedding Industry Internet Marketing Expert

Marketing to Brides, Book More Weddings(#1) Amp-Up Your First Impression

Is it time for a website update? Maybe it is time for a complete overhaul? Maybe the marketing copy could be improved? In many cases the first impression an engaged couple gets about your company is going to be from your website. That first look is really a make-it-or-break-it moment.

Updating your website is not an expense, it is an investment, one that leads to more inquiries, better quality customers, and more sales.

Action Item: Consider getting an objective, expert review of your website and Internet marketing.

(#2) Use More “Social Proof”

The use of testimonials, reviews, awards, accreditations, and membership in professional associations, also known as “social proof,” is one of the most powerful ways to turn more of the engaged couples who visit your website into inquiries and then sales.

Action Item: Review how you are using social proof throughout your website and social media.

(#3) Improve Your Call-To-Action (and get more inquiries)

Don’t make the engaged couples who are visiting your website have to think for a moment about what to do next when they get to the bottom of a page. A highly visible call-to-action with a link to your contact form will convert more of the couples visiting your website into online inquiries.

Action Item: Add a highly visible call-to-action that links to your contact form at the bottom of all your web pages. For added punch, put a testimonial just above the CTA.

(#4) Create and Use a Takeaway

Use a “takeaway” at your website, something visitors can easily find and download. Your takeaway should clearly communicate your expertise as well as your desire to help couples with their wedding planning.

“Chris, the takeaway you suggested I create is already working (less than two weeks!). I had an inquiry and followed up with our take away. Well she booked me today after shopping around and she mentioned receiving our music suggestions “takeaway” saying “it sure looks like you know your stuff.” Thank you!” – Wedding DJ Joe DeWolf, in Bellingham Massachusetts.

Action Item: Create a downloadable takeaway and offer it at your website and/or link to it in your email signature.

(#5) Use a Post-Inquiry Landing Page (PILP)

A post-inquiry landing page is a page that someone is redirected to AFTER filling out the inquiry form on your website. Post-inquiry landing pages will help you improve conversion (sales) and book more weddings. Post-inquiry landing pages create immediate engagement and start the sales process off in the right direction.

Action Item: Create a post-inquiry landing page at your website. Link to your social media touch-points.

(#6) Use Internet Marketing Best Practices

The key to successfully and effectively marketing to engaged couples online is using BEST PRACTICES. Get more expert advice like what you are reading here delivered for FREE to your inbox every Monday morning.

Action Item: Subscribe to the Book More Weddings newsletter.

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