The right tools make any Internet marketing easier and more effective. They will also help you book more weddings.  Google Search Console is one of my “must-have” Internet marketing tools available free from Google.

(2) Google Search Console

Google knows a lot about your website already and will gladly share that information with you through the Google Search Console. Formerly called Google Webmaster Tools, the Google Search Console will tell you if there are issues at your website that will adversely impact your indexing, visibility, and rankings at Google. It will also alert you if your website gets infected with malware and will give you the tools to remove any malware warnings that may appear with your listing at Google if it is is infected.

Action Items

  • Claim the Google Search Console for your domain and verify it
  • Spend 30 minutes looking around, particularly for any warning messages that may adversely impact your rankings at Google
  • Create and submit a Sitemap for your website

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