The right tools make any Internet marketing easier and more effective. They will also help you book more weddings. Google Analytics is one of my “must-have” tools available free from Google.

(1) Google Analytics

Google Analytics will tell you a lot about how people are using your website. It is a free tool from Google and can help you find out:

  • what are your most visited pages (they might not be what you think they are!)
  • how many REAL people are visiting your website (visitor sessions) and where they come from
  • how many of those people are repeat visitors; and
  • how many people visit your website and leave before clicking to another page (referred to as the “bounce rate” – and a high bounce rate is not a good thing!)

Personally, I think the more Google knows about your website the better. Remember to set-up reports to automatically be sent to you via email on a weekly or monthly basis.

Action Items

  • Make sure Google Analytics is in place at your website and properly tracking visitors
  • Set up automatic reports to be sent to you via email either weekly or monthly

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