Even if you are a seasoned sales pro and your closing ratios are high (in the 90% range), the best salespeople are always looking for improvement and opportunities for optimization.

If you want to close more sales, or close more sales more easily, your ability to control the sales interview directly impacts your ability to close the sale.

Optimize and control the sales process by using questions.

The formula is rather simple:

1) Ask questions
2) Listen
3) Respond
4) Ask another question
5) Listen some more
6) Respond
7) Repeat steps as necessary until all questions are asked and a couple is confident YOU are the right choice.

So when a couple you are interviewing asks you, “How much?” your answer might be one of the following:

  • “Can I ask you a few questions first?”
  • “Would you mind if I ask you a few questions first?”
  • “Would you mind if I ask you a few questions first to better understand what you’re looking for and what you need?”

Very few, if any, couples are going to say to you: “NO, just give us the price!”

And if they do, they clearly are not your ideal client.

The key to closing more sales starts with creating rapport. You do that by asking questions (not lecturing!).

While there are dozens of questions you might ask, here are 10 questions that are proven to get the ball rolling, keep it moving in the right direction, and ultimately will help you book more weddings.

Q: How’s your wedding planning going?

Q: Describe your perfect wedding day?

Q: Do you mind me asking, <then ask a question you NEED an answer for>?

Q: Have you been to a wedding lately?

Q: What did you like about it, what didn’t you like about it?

Q: How many other <your category of services here> have you talked to or interviewed?

Q: What are the three things that are most important to you in choosing a <your category of services>?

Q: And what is the price range you are looking to spend for <your category of services here>?

Q: Is there anything we haven’t talked about that you’d like to ask me?

Q: Would you like to do some paperwork?


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