Q: Chris, should we be concerned about optimizing our website for search engines other than Google?

A: When people in the wedding industry, focused on marketing to brides online, ask me this question (and hundreds have!), I tell them to focus on what Google wants, and generally speaking, that will work for the others.

In other words, if you get top ranked at Google, it’s very likely you will similarly rank well with Bing and Yahoo!.

Monthly Searches (as of August 2017)

1.8 BILLION – Google

500 million – Bing
490 million – Yahoo
300 million – Ask
200 million – AOL

Google attracts and controls 79% of the global search marketplace!

Do the other search engines matter?

The answer is YES.

While Google is way out front, the other numbers are still significant.

My advice: optimize for Google and chances are you will rank well with Bing, Yelp!, Ask, AOL, and the others. Actually, that has been my first-hand “in the trenches” experience.

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