Q: Chris, we want to improve the overall experience at our website and from reading the Book More Weddings Tip of the Day that starts with high-performance website hosting. What hosting company do you use and recommend?

A: I am SO happy to hear you say this. You are right, the best website in the world means very little if the pages load slow. Recently a company hired me to oversee and optimize their Internet marketing. Part of the project included a significant investment in a new website. The website designer suggested hosting at Go Daddy for $9/month – and I almost choked.

The hosting you choose for your website is a very important factor in the overall success of your Internet marketing.

FACT: Slow loading pages are the #1 reason people leave websites.

I personally have hosted websites at Hostgator, Go Daddy, and Media Temple.

I recently moved all my websites to SiteGround. I’m currently on the Geek plan, but plan on moving to the Cloud platform later in the year.

Why did I move my hosting?

  • Faster loading website
  • Better support
  • Better value

SiteGround offers 24/7 LIVE support, which is a best practice when selecting website hosting.

Support is very good (I love their online chat).

The performance / speed of my sites have improved noticeably.

They use standard Cpanel for hosting management, so nothing new to figure out and easy to use.

They have a caching tool that will speed up your WordPress website even more – on their hosting servers.

They offer a free SSL certificate.

They’ll move your website to their hosting platform for free (1 site, not multiple sites).

All good stuff!

If you have 1,000-5,000 visitor sessions per month you’ll be fine with their GEEK PLAN.

If you’re pulling over 5,000 visitor sessions per month consider their cloud hosting option.

You can learn more about SITEGROUND AT THIS LINK.

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