(1) Follow up on website inquiries faster. Can you follow-up in less than 30 minutes? Maybe even faster? When you do this it leaves a powerful first impression and in today’s competitive marketplace it will help you close more sales. I worked with a wedding band that increased annual sales 20% simply by following up faster.

(2) Follow-up on the PHONE. Millennials might like texting, but most sales are closed on the phone or in person. People buy from people. Even if you don’t reach the person, and have to leave a message, a phone call and a voice has a lot more impact than an email or text message.

(3) Your website should make a couple WANT to talk to you on the phone. Does it? Seriously. Look at your website objectively. The answer better be “Yes.”

(4) Don’t give up. 80% of sales are made on the 5th to 8th contact. If you quit after two or three follow-up attempts you’re handing a lot of sales to your competition.

(5) Optimize your website for conversion using FOSTER as a guideline. FOSTER stands for: first impression, opening text message, social proof, trust, emotional engagement, respond promptly to all inquiries.

(6) Upgrade the look and feel of your website. Does it properly represent your business, or give the impression “price shopping is welcome here.” Maybe it’s time for a website overhaul?

(7) Upgrade your brand. Is it time for a new logo, colors, fonts, etc.? It’s about weddings! It’s all about the look and feel. Do you look like Tiffany’s or BJ’s Wholesale Club? Brand perception impacts conversion, pricing, and ultimately sales.

(8) Use a lot of “social proof” in all of your marketing. Testimonials, reviews, and ratings will convert more of the brides and grooms who visit your website into inquiries and sales.

(9) Improve and optimize the marketing message throughout your website. Does your website clearly communicate a “what’s in it for me” (WIIFM) message? What is your unique value proposition (UVP)? Are you effectively using a call-to-action (CTA) throughout your website?

(10) Sell the “sizzle.” People in almost all situations buy based on emotion. After that, they justify their moving forward decision based on logic. Emotion sells, logic closes! Does your website sell the SIZZLE?

(11) Use a “takeaway” at your website, something visitors can download. Your takeaway should clearly communicate your expertise as well as your desire to help couples with their wedding planning. Takeaways are a proven Internet marketing technique that will convert more of your website visitors into sales.

“Chris, the takeaway you suggested I create is already working (less than two weeks!). I had an inquiry and followed up with our take away. Well she booked me today after shopping around and she mentioned receiving our music suggestions “takeaway” saying “it sure looks like you know your stuff.” Thank you!” – Wedding DJ Joe DeWolf, in Bellingham Massachusetts.

(12) Use social media more effectively. Post high-quality helpful information and don’t forget to link back to your website. Post reviews and testimonials to your social media touch points as you get them.

(13) Use social media as part of an overall traffic building strategy to push traffic to your website. It’s more likely couples will make a decision to want more information from your company after visiting your website than a social media touch-point.

(14) Use social media as an opportunity to promote your expertise and write posts that clearly communicate your expertise, experience, and what you’ve done for other couples who have hired you.

(15) Use large colorful, clear, sharp graphics when posting to social media. Avoid stock photography! Real photos of actual couples you’ve worked with always work best.

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