100+ Things Every Wedding Business Owner and Manager Should Know About Internet Marketing

(1) Brides love the Internet and it has changed the way they find and choose the services they need for their “Big Day.” Word of mouth is still a very powerful way to reach prospects. It will even help you close new sales as it is a form of social proof. But make no mistake; the Internet is a couple’s new favorite wedding planning tool. How well does your Internet marketing strategy reach couples in your local marketplace? Does your website leave the right first impression? Maybe your branding could use an update? Are you effectively competing online in your marketplace?

(2) Print advertising is NOT dead, but for print advertising to be cost-effective it now requires very careful integration with your Internet marketing. Your website address, special offers used as incentives to visit your website, free downloadable documents (i.e. “take-aways”), and even those crazy looking QR codes are now an integral part of any print advertising investment.

(3) Does your website create what I have coined the “Oh Yes!” moment? The “Oh Yes!” moment is that split second when a bride on her first visit to your website says to herself: “Oh yes! This is the company I’ve been looking for!” Brides are planning the most important day of their lives. They want the very best and your website absolutely must make a great first impression. If it doesn’t, she’ll just click her “back” button and look for something better. Are you frustrated that couples won’t return your calls after they’ve made an inquiry at your website? Maybe your website didn’t create enough of the “Oh Yes” moment to make them want to talk with you on the phone! Yes, that’s how it works!

(4) Slow loading pages are the number one reason brides will leave your website. People simply don’t have any patience. They want it now and know something else is just a click away. Cheap website hosting is often associated with slow-loading webpages, poor performing websites, and security risks. What you think you are saving with a $4.95/month hosting plan could actually be costing you thousands of dollars in lost sales.

(5) If “bridal bailout” isn’t enough to convince you to choose high-performance website hosting, maybe this will. Google now uses page load times as a ranking factor. Your slow loading pages may now be penalized by Google and as a result make it more difficult to get them top ranked. Ouch!

(6) Cheap website hosting is associated with security breaches, intruder hacks, virus infestation, and malware. It leaves a very poor first impression on a bride or groom visiting your website when they see a warning that says: “Continuing at this website may be a security risk or cause harm to your computer.”

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Chris Jaeger produces Book More Weddings and writes the BOOK MORE WEDDINGS NEWSLETTER (weekly). He is the Founder and Director of the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WEDDING INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS (IAWIP) and a wedding industry marketing veteran with more than 20 years of experience marketing to brides and grooms.

If you're not getting the results you expected from your website or Internet marketing, or want to get better results, it might be a good idea to get an expert to REVIEW YOUR WEBSITE AND INTERNET MARKETING.

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